Shuanggui Temple
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Shuanggui Temple

Shuanggui Temple

Origin of Shuanggui Temple

In late Ming Dynasty and earlier Qing Dynasty, a Sichuan origin monk who practise Buddhism at Ningbo in Zhejiang Province went back to his hometown. His master Miyun dug two osmanthus trees for him, and told him: "where the osmanthus tree been planted is where you settle down and pass away. " It is said that the monk picked up Liangping County, and built up Shuanggui Temple there.

The founder of the temple was Poshan Monk who was very brilliant, he recruited disciples not stick to one pattern. During his lifetime, he has about 110 disciples. These disciples have been sent to Sichuan, Yunan and Guizhou Province to rebuild the temples which had been ruined by wars. Hence, Poshan Monk was famous in the Buddhist history. In some places of Southeast Asia, there are still some Poshan Monk 's memorial temples remained.

History of Shuanggui Temple

Shuanggui Temple experienced a construction period about 200 years. 328 houses and 42 wells built up on the plain between the mountains. The main halls were supported by several huge stone pillars, thus the halls looks spectacular. The wide corridor propped up by wooden pillars connecting the whole temple, thus when you wandering the temple your shoes will not get wet even on a rainy day. The temple is surrounded by luxuriant and towering cypresses, limpid stream and white cranes. When you hear the sound of matin bell and vesper drums, you would feel that the two osmanthus trees are telling you the stories of the past time.

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