Shennu Stream
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Shennu Stream

Shennu Stream

Introduction of Shennu Stream

Shennu Stream is a creek between Qingshi Town and Feifeng Peak extends 15 kilometers. Due to the rapid waterflow and narrow shallow waterway, 10 kilometers of the stream is seldom visited by human. The water level rises after the second period water reservation of Three Gorges Dam and the water surface became steady; the visitors can explore the deep inside of the stream valley after the third period water reservation of the Three Gorges Dam. Then the beautiful scenery of Shennu Stream which only known by few photographers will be a new highlights of Yangtze Cruise.

Shennu Stream is close to the Twelve Peaks of Wushan Mountain, especially the Goddess Peak.

Scenery of Shennu Stream

The scenery of Shennu Stream is breathtaking. On the banks, scattered Cuiping Peak, Feifeng Peak, Qiyun Peak, Shangsheng Peak and Jingtan Peak. In the middle reach of the Shennu Stream, on the south bank is Shangsheng Peak, in the northwest is Qiyun Peak. Range upon range of hills and drifting clouds made Shennu Stream's fantastic view. If someone taken the Yangtze Cruise but he never visit Shennu Stream that he will be regret for a long time. Shennu Stream scenic area features in the elegance of Lesser Three Gorges and the grand of Three Gorges. The water of the stream has three specialties, Quiet, Limpid and Green.

A few years ago, two places of historic figures were found ------Wu Shan Yun (Wu Mountain Cloud) and Wei Ren Peak. Gazing at the distance, there are three big Chinese characters on the abrupt cliff which are not written by human. They are carved by nature. The visitors will find that the three characters are the same no matter you read from the left or right.

Wei Ren Peak is located in the end of Shennu Stream. It seems like Chairman Mao the founder of PRC staring at the "navigable lake" (created after the water reservation of Three Gorges Dam).

Related Tour Information of Shennu Stream

The best travel season of Shennu Stream: Spring and autumn.

Ticket Price: 100 RMB/ person


1. From Chengdu to Wanzhou by train, 68 yuan/ person (hard seats), 2.5 hours; transferred to a yacht to the dock of Wushan Mountain, 200yuan/ person, 3 hours.

2. Start at Chongqing North Bus Station or Chao Tian Men Coach Station, from Chongqing to Wanzhou by bus. Prices divided into 50 yuan, 75 yuan, 85 yuan (according to different vehicle), 2.5 hours; Transferred to a yacht to Wushan Mountain, 200 yuan/person, 3 hours.

3. Take yacht at Chongqing Chao Tian Men dock. 10 hours after, arrive in Wushan Mountain, 300 yuan/ person.

Accommodation: Between the Wushan County and the seven gorges of Daning River there are several restaurants, shops, accommodation, it's very convenient.

Delicious Food: all kinds of fresh fish of Yangtze River; well- known Jade jelly.

Shopping: Wushan Codonopsis, Danning River Cobbles

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