Qinglong Waterfall
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Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong Waterfall is located in Ganning Town of Wanzhou County.

Qinglong Waterfall is the hometown of Gan Ning - a meritorious general during the Three Kingdoms Period. Measured properly by the experts, Qinglong Waterfall is 64.5 meters high and 115 meters wide. Since it is 19 meters wider than the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall, it is really the biggest waterfall in Asia.

Qinglong Waterfall - Water-curtain Cave

This area is a typical Karst formation, and the steep mountains here are heavily wooded. Both its magnificence and its special shape trend contribute to its uniqueness. It looks like a bow and formed a really waterfall cave. Walk along the path inside the waterfall and command a view of the outside, it's definitely a different flavor.

There is a cave of 2000 square meters under the waterfall. It is very difficult for the visitors not to be attracted by its peculiar shaping. The cave is also the best place for the visitors to appreciate the waterfall. There are fresh and beautiful watery weeds in the downstream of the waterfall, fallen petals get into your eyes. It makes you feel that you are in a fictitious land of peace away from the turmoil of the word.

Qinglong Waterfall – General Gan Ning

General Gan Ning's monument and statue are not far from here. The Ganning Reservoir at the upstream of the waterfall is a good place for fishing and boating. Both in manmade sceneries and natural landscapes, Qinglong is comparable to that of other scenic spots.

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