Mini Three Gorges
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Mini Three Gorges

Mini Three Gorges

Mini Three Gorges – A Brief Introduction

Mini Three Gorges is located near the tributary of Daning River – Madu River. It is a general term of the Changtan Gorge, Qinwang Gorge and the Sancheng Gorge. Mini Three Gorges is the sister of Lesser Three Gorges and is smaller than Lesser Three Gorges. Therefore, it is called Mini Three Gorges. Mini Three Gorgers is only 5 kilometers long with narrower watercourse, deeper gorges compared with Lesser Three Gorges.

Mini Three Gorges – Legend

There is a karst cave in Mini Three Gorges Area. According to the legend, once there was a man whose family name was Qin in Ming Dynasty. The emperor appointed him to produce the explosives with nitre. The royal court named him Qinwang (King Qin). As a result, the cave was named Qinwang Cave and the gorge in this area was named Qinwang Gorge.

Mini Three Gorges – Attractions

You can take a small wooden boat to appreciate the landscapes of the Mini Three Gorges. Paddling the boat which moves forward, touching the pebbles at the bottom of the water now and then, you can have a whole view of the beautiful landscapes on both sides.

Mini Three Gorges – Sancheng Gorge

Sancheng Gorge is the first gorge of Mini Three Gorges. With steep and towering cliffs and precipices on both sides which look like having been cut by axes and narrow watercourses, you can appreciate the view of Yixiantian (a line of sky). The primitive vegetations have not been destroyed at all, full of poetic and natural breath.

Mini Three Gorges – Qinwang Gorge

Qinwang Gorge is the best reach of Mini Three Gorges, with a total length of about 4 kilometers. Mountains here are dark green and water here is tranquil, flowing slowly. The famous scenic spots in the Qinwang Gorge area include the Wangxiang Platform, the Hutou (head of a tiger) Rock, Carp Jumping across the Long Gate, Arhat Hall and so on.

Mini Three Gorges – Changtan Gorge

Changtan Gorge is 5 kilometers long. There is a 2 kilometers long flood land in Changtan Gorge, which is only about 10 meters wide. It is as straight as a line. The water is as flat as a mirror, and the stones and sands are as white as snow. Inside the gorge, there are steep mountains, and towering cliffs, quite spectacular.

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