Lantern Shadow Gorge
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Lantern Shadow Gorge

Lantern Shadow Gorge

Introduction of Lantern Shadow Gorge

Lantern Shadow Gorge is located at where is about 10 kilometers away from East Nanjin Pass. This gorge is narrow and straight, because the dysplasia of the limestone, the rock collapse easily, thus forming the steep cliff. When the ship navigating in the gorge, the scenery along the cliff seems a frameless picture.

Origin of Lantern Shadow Gorge

Lantern Shadow Gorge, also known as Bright Moon Gorge. The clean, untainted cliff wall seems been polished by the nature. When this clean, untainted cliff against the clear sky looks like an ink painting. Every night, when the moon hanging on the West Mountain, the moonlight with the beautiful scenery of natural mountain and water landscape create a wonderful image, hence it was named Bright moon Gorge.

On the Lantern Shadow Gorge there are four vivid stones look like the four famous features of Pilgrimage To The West: Tang Sanzang, Sun Wu Kong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Monk. When the sunset, the sun shining from the back of the mountain, and the cliff is exactly like the shadow play, that is the origin of its name Lantern Shadow Gorge.

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