Kuimen - The Western Gate of Qutang Gorge
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Kuimen, also called Kui Gate, is the western gate of Qutang Gorge. There are many escarpments about several hundred Zhang (equal to 3 and 1/3 meters) and less than 100 meters standing on both banks. Its shapes like a door, so it got its name Kuimen. After passing the door, the water from the upper reaches of Yangtze River flows into the gorge. It is the western door of Three Gorges and also named Qutang Pass. It is at the foot of the majestic and magnificent White Emperor City. Kuimen is the door to come in and go out of Sichuan basin. The water here is deep and the streams here are strong and rapid. The narrowest part here is less than 50 meters. Visitors here would be shocked by its roaring waves. So it is said that Kuimen is the most magnificent gorge in the world. Lu You (a famous poet of Song Dynasty) once wrote a poem: when recalling Kuimen in the first month of the lunar year, you could see that the people sung songs and used bamboo to dance together.

Once, Du Fu wrote a poem: Qutang Gorge is much more dangerous than Bailao Pass. Starting from White Emperor City toward the east, you would reach Qutang Gorge (the western part of Three Gorges). It is made up of  two gorges: Fengxiang Gorge and Cuokai Gorge. It stretches from White Emperor City to Daxi Town of Wushan County. And it is about 8 kilometers long, the shortest part among Three Gorges. But it is the most magnificent and precipitous gorge. "Three Gorges narrow Yangtze River, and want to change the flowing of the stream. While it passes through Kuimen, and flows into the sea", which was written by Chen Yi. Kuimen in Chen Yi poem refers to the entrance of Qutang Gorge. It is like a sluice in the river . There are also five words engraved on the rock, "Kuimen tian xia xiong" (in Chinese means Kuimen is the most magnificent gorge in the world).In ancient times, Fengjie was named Kuizhou, so it was called Kuimen. Thus, Qutang Gorge is called Kui Gorge. The roaring currents pass through the winding gorge, and rushes through Kuimen.

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