Kongling Gorge
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Kongling Gorge

Kongling Gorge

Kongling Gorge – Origin of Its Name

Kongling Gorge is also named Kongleng Gorge. It is in the east of Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge of Xiling Gorge and is about 2.5 kilometers far from Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge. It is between Miaohe River and Heiyanzi in Zigui County, and is 2.5 kilometers long. The impending cliffs stand on both banks of the gorge. Surging waves and rapid water flow churn over the rapid embedded with rocks and stones here and there. It is really difficult for boats sailing on the river. If the boats want to cross it safely, the rocks under water should be removed. So it was named Kongling

Kongling Gorge – Dangerous Rapid

The rapids here are dangerous, the currents here are strong, and there are a lot of rocks under water. There is famous "24 pearls", among which the "Biggest Pearl" is about 220 meters long, 40 meters wide and 15 meters high. A part of the "Biggest Pearl" stands out of the water just like a tiger lying in the center of the river. The "Biggest Pearl", "Second Pearl" and "Third Pearl" (nearby the "Biggest Pearl") together is called "three stones linked together". The interlocking and sharp rocks under water made the navigation channel curve and narrow. The boats here would easily strike on the rock and sink. There is a famous saying goes that the Qing Rapid and the Xie Rapid were not a rapid at all if they were compared with Kongling Rapid. And it was thought to be the most dangerous rapid of Three Gorges. Now the watercourse experienced several changes and a lot of reefs both under and above the water were blown up. The boats sailing here would feel like sailing on tranquil lakes. The landscapes on the banks of Kongling Gorge are very beautiful: green mountains, surrounding clouds, plummeting waterfalls, flowing streams, green trees and gold fruits. It is really a colorful picture.

Kongling Gorge – Past Accidents and Current Situation

Kongling Gorge is the first gorge while you take an upstream cruise along Three Gorges. The currents here are strong and the watercourse here is very dangerous in the past. According to the Zigui County Record, there are a lot of ships and boats struck on the rocks and sank here from 1900 to 1949. There were more than ten ships and countless boats (Ruisheng, Qingyu, Bajiang, Minxian, Minxi and so on) sank here in this period. After the Three Gorges impounded its water above 135 meters, the water level of the Kongling Gorge has raised 90 meters compared with that of dry season. Both the river and the navigation channel are double wide. The past dangerous rapid with strong currents has become a safe and tranquil channel.

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