Kong Ming Stele
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Kong Ming Stele

Kong Ming Stele

Kong Ming Stele – Name Origin

There is a smooth white concave rock on the cliff (which is facing the river) of Jixian Peak of Three Gorges. It looks like a giant stone stele with six Chinese characters: Chong-Ya-Die-Zhang-Wu-Xia (in Chinese means there are a lot of steep mountains and cliffs in Wu Gorge). It is a famous historical relic of Wu Gorge. Kong Ming Stele was said to be hand-written by Zhuge Liang (a famous prime minister in Three Kingdoms Period), hence it was named Kong Ming Stele. It is said there were inscriptions (about advocating combine with Wu to fight against Wei. In the War of Yiling between Wu and Shu, General Lu Xun of Wu was deeply touched by the inscriptions and withdrew his troops) on the Stele. Now, the inscriptions have been effloresced while the six characters are still clear and distinguishable.

Kong Ming Stele – Legend

It is said that Zhuge Liang passed Wu Gorge while he was leading his troops toward Shu. He carved his important strategic analysis which advocated uniting Wu to fight against Wei on the rock. Later, to avenge his two generals (Guan Yu and Zhang Fei), Liu Bei started war to State of Wu, but his troops were defeated. In the war of Yiling between Wu and Shu, General Lu Xun of Wu chased the army of Shu here and withdrew his troops since he was deeply touched by the inscriptions written by Zhuge Liang. Since then Kong Ming Stele was widely spread with this story.

Kong Ming Stele – Truth of the Stele

In fact, Kong Ming Stele was not carved by Zhuge Liang, and the inscriptions were not about the Longzhong Strategic Analysis. Since it has experienced a pretty long history, most of the characters were effloresced and illegible. Only 15 big characters: Chong-Yan-Die-Zhang-Wu-Xia, Ming-Feng-Song-Xiu, Wu-Shan-Shi-Er-Feng (in Chinese means there are a lot of mountains and cliffs in Wu Gorge, and the 12 beautiful towering peaks) could be seen. Among which the six big characters (Chong-Yan-Die-Zhang-Wu-Xia) were most recognizable. The inscriptions might be carved in Ming Dynasty inferred from few small characters on the rock. How brave and preserving of the stonemasons in ancient times since they worked on such a dangerous cliff.

With the construction of the Three Gorges Project, Kong Ming Stele will be moved since it would be submerged by the water.

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