Huangling Temple
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Huangling Temple

Huangling Temple

Huangling Temple – Origin and History

There is a legend about the God Yellow Ox helped Dayu with the water control project at Three Gorges Area according to the Yichang City Record. It is said that the temple was built to sacrifice God Yellow Ox and Dayu and was named Yellow Ox Temple. The temple was rebuilt when Zhuge Liang leaded his troops toward Shu in Three Kingdoms Period. He wrote A Tour to Yellow Ox Temple and carved a tablet (it was well preserved till now) in the temple. Emperor Yu Temple was built to sacrifice Dayu in the first year of Emperor Xuanzong Period (847). The existing main construction was built in middle Ming Dynasty. The Silver Aquarian in the temple was marked "made in the 5th year of Zhengde Period in Ming Dynasty (1510)" and the pillars in the temple were marked "the 46th year of Wanli Period in Ming Dynasty (1618)". After the reconstruction of the temple in Zhengde Period of middle Ming Dynasty, the temple was mainly used to sacrifice Dayu and changed its name into Huangling Temple. It was repaired several times and Yuji Imperial Palace was built later.

Huangling Temple – Landscape

The landscapes both in and around Huangling Temple are very beautiful. There are two big plaques hanging on the forehead of Emperor Yu Temple carved with "invaluable and eternal achievement" and "a mainstay settled the torrents" respectively. There are 36 big pillars and several tablets (they were used to record the water-level of the flood) in the temple.

Wuhou Temple

Wuhou Temple is in the right of Emperor Yu Temple. There is a big plaque carved with "taking all the things in the world with a magnanimous mind" in the temple. There is a cycad tree in the backyard of the temple. The barks of the tree like the dragon's scales and its leaves are as beautiful as the peacock's open tail. It is said that it was planted by Zhuge Liang.

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