Hometown of Zhaojun
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Hometown of Zhaojun

Hometown of Zhaojun

Story of Wang Zhaojun

Baoping Village which is six or seven km northwest from Xingshan county is the hometown of Wang Zhaojun(one of the Four Beauties in ancient China). Wang Zhaojun was born in Zigui County in Western Han Dynasty ( Zigui, now divided into Zigui and Xingshan two counties, Wang Zhaojun's hometown belongs to Xingshan County). Because of her beauty and versatile, she was elected to the imperial palace. But then she wasn't chose by the emperor as the imperial concubine because she didn't bribe the painter to give rise to her portrait. Later, Wang Zhaojun didn't want to waste her youth in the palace, thus she voluntarily asked to go out the border and married the chief of Hun. Now, Wang Zhaojun's tomb is in Hohhot of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. There are always evergreen grass on the tomb, hence named "Qingzong".

Introduction of Wang Zhaojun's Hometown

Wang Zhaojun's hometown Baoping Village is a picturesque place. Xiangxi Stream, a limpid tributary of Yangtze River flows through the village. When you enter Baoping Village, you would see a soil platform first, on the platform there is a Moon Gate engraved with Shu- Zhuang-Tai ( in Chinese means dresser), it is said that Wang Zhaojun once dressed and made up here. The platform covered with green shade, under the green shade there are stone benches and tables available for visitors to rest. In the north of Shu - Zhuang - Tai, there is a little pavilion called Moon Glimpse Pavilion according to the legend, it is the place where Wang Zhaojun reading, playing the guqin and embroidering. Dozens of steps away is the home of Wang Zhaojun. The house was rebuilt according to the ancient construction map. The house was enclosed by towering wall and winding paths inside. In the garden, a 3 meters marble statue of Zhaojun standing in the flowers. This statue was sent by Huhhot City.

Out of the Wang Zhaojun's home, head to the east you would came to  the Nanmu Well where Wang Zhaojun drew water. The well is about 1 meters deep, limpid and never dry. There is a nanmu root in the bottom of the well, which said to be put in by Wang Zhaojun. The villagers of Baoping Village almost still have the surname "Wang". The villages are so proud for Wang Zhaojun and take her as an immortal lady.

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