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Goddess Peak

Goddess Peak

A Brief Introduction to Goddess Peak

Goddess Peak (Shennu Peak in Chinese), also called Wangxia Peak or Beauty Peak is located on the north bank of Yangtze River, about 15 kilometers east of the Wushan County. It is one of the twelve peaks of Wushan Mountain. There are lush vegetations covering on the surface of the Goddess Peak.

Formation of Goddess Peak

The beautiful Goddess Peak formed from the underwater rocks 2.4 billion years ago and the glaciers rocks in the Quaternary period. Created by the great and magical nature, the Goddess Peak is with high value in the aspect of studying the geologic structure.

Legends of Goddess Peak

Goddess Peak is famous for two legends. The first one is the story of King Chuxiang's dating with the goddess. The second legend is that the goddess Yaoji came to the human world to help Dayu with controlling the floods.

In the Chinese ancient mythology, the Goddess Peak is the incarnation of the little daughter of the Queen Mother of the West. She once helped Dayu conquering the floods, and made up her mind staying in Wushan Mountain area to protect the local people and bless them.

Attractions of Goddess Peak

The Goddess Peak is 860 meters high and is quite steep. Covered with dark green vegetations, the Goddess Peak looks like a green screen. You can appreciate the natural landscapes like Kwan-yin Peak, Luotuo (camel) Peak, Yuanrentou (head of the monkey) Stone and the Qingtianzhu (skyscraper) Stone and so on. Besides, there are a lot of cultural landscapes in the Goddess Peak area, such as the ancient temples' ruins, the ancient wells flowing all year round, as well as some old caves for exploration and studying the history.

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