Dragon Bridge River
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Dragon Bridge River

Dragon Bridge River

A Brief Introduction to Dragon Bridge River

Dragon Bridge River is a world-class underground river. It is located in the southeast of Fengjie Heavenly Pit and Earth Ravine, in the steep mountains of Fengjie County of Chongqing. Its altitude is more than 1,500 meters with a length of 3.3 kilometers. The scenic area of Dragon Bridge River is a perfect resort for contacting with nature closely. In summer, the maximum temperature is about 25°C, thus is an ideal place for getting rid of the unbearable summer heat.

Legend of Dragon Bridge River

Although the Dragon Bridge River is named after the Dragon Bridge, there is a beautiful legend about the origin of its name.

It is said that long long ago, there was a dragon being locked in the remote mountains. It was obstructed by the mountains, so it was quite eager to go to the sea. On the spur of the moment, it bumped open one mountain but got blocked by another mountain. It crushed against the mountain once again and a big hole appeared immediately. However, the dragon never came out of that mountain. People say that the dragon became the Dragon Bridge River-an underground river.

Attractions of Dragon Bridge River

The fountainhead of Dragon Bridge River lies under the Suolongzhu Cliff. The underground river gushes out of the earth and form a clear creek like a narrow light-green ribbon. The glittering and translucent water flows tranquilly on the uneven pebbles all year round, winding and zigzagging into the Beauty Waterfall and Guinu Waterfall. Then the Dragon Bridge River flows through the Dragon Bridge into the Yunlong Cave. And finally it flows into the underground river and disappears.

Dragon Bridge River originates from the underground river and finally flows into the underground river. Although the aboveground reach is not long, it is winding and zigzagging and the sceneries here are really charming and beautiful. The highlight is the Dragon Bridge. It is more than 60 meters high and was originally a peak like a wall. Later, it was burst through by water, thus forming a natural bridge. A road was constructed on the bridge. There is also a temple-Yuanlong Temple on it, quite magnificent.

Cool wind blows in summer while warm wind blows in winter in the marvelous Yunlong Cave. There are always mists and clouds coming out of the cave. There are altogether 7 exits and three layers of holes in the Yunlong Cave. On the first layer are the primitive holes with stalactite and dripping springs, and its terrain is quite complex. On the second layer are the middle-aged holes, in the shape of big halls which can hold hundreds of people. Holes on the third layer are like round tubes, connecting each other.

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