Daning River
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Daning River

Daning River

Basic Information of Daning River

Daning River is a small tributary of Yangtze River. Daning River was called Changjiang River or Wuxi Current. Daning River originated in the Xintian of Wuxi County (which is located at the south of Daba Mountain). It flows from north to south through high mountains and lofty hills, receiving numerous creeks and flowing into Yangtze River in the west of Wu Gorge. It is  a142 kilometers long and has a catchment area of 4200 square kilometers. It has an annual flow rate of 106 cubic metres per second and a river bed gradient of 8.64‰. Its altitude difference reaches to 1540 meters, hydraulic power reserves 200,000 kilowatt which can develop 39,000 kilowatt electrical power. Daning River flows through Karst landform zone, so the geological structure here is complex.

Details of Daning River

Daning River is a mountainous river, steep river bed within the domain of subtropical climate. The average annual temperature here is 18 ℃. It hasa a long frost-free period and abundant rainfall which suitable for growing corps. When torrent blow up every year, the roaring water looks like a herd of angry beasts running in the valley, the flow rate reaches 5000 cubic meters per second. During the draught period, the river is like a string, it is clear enough to see the pebbles and fishes in the river.

Before the 80s of 20th century, Daning River was still unknown. Since its opening up to the outside world, only in a few years, it is famous both at home and abroad for its gallery-like beautiful scenery. On the both banks of Daning River, scattering with the rapids, the cliffs are steep and towering. It is the vital communication line of Wuxi County and Wushan County. After the establishment of People's Republic of China, 32 rapids there have been blown apart which made the navigable mileage extended to 165 km.

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